What is the right treatment method for me?

Tube(Canal) Surgery

Root canal surgery must be performed in accordance with the rules of microsurgery. The availability of appropriate HD (high resolution) imaging systems and appropriate surgical instruments and the fact that they are performed by infertility specialists who have received this training increase the success. High technology adapts the microsurgery features of the past under the microscope to laparoscopy.


Reopening Connected Channels

Especially during the 2nd or 3rd cesarean section, channels (tubes) are connected by many women. However, it may be requested to reopen due to the necessity that arises later. This can be done both laparoscopically and openly under the microscope. Adequate magnification is provided by laparoscopy new HD resolution imaging systems. This correction surgery can be performed unilaterally or bilaterally. In competent hands and in suitable cases, the chance of pregnancy increases up to 70% in 1 year.



Clogging of channels at their ends. It consists of the compression of the tube ends stuck between past infections, previous infections, surgeries or endometriosis adhesions. When the tube is clogged, pregnancy does not occur on that side, if there is a very small opening, but if the egg and sperm have passed through and fertilization has occurred, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is very high.


In such a case, first the closed end of the tube is opened and the inner tissue is examined; If the tissue is healthy, it is decided to protect the tube, and adhesions, if any, are opened. Permanent sutures are placed with very thin sutures that turn towards the outer part of the tube so that the tube ends do not stick again. This is a very difficult surgery.